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Hawaii 2022


Can-west Sports Group recently left Canadian soil and took a trip to the beautiful

island of Maui, Hawaii! Owner and head recruiter of the company, Ty

Plandowski, along with coaches Sarah Hogue and Kaylie Lueck, set out to bring

their volleyball knowledge and experience to the young athletes of Maui in a

volleyball camp setting.

We started off the week by attending practice with the athletes of the Kahalawai

Volleyball Club practicing out of Maui Preparatory Academy. It was such an

exciting experience to participate in their practice and learn some new games to

bring back to Canada. Their effort level was inspiring, and it was so fun to

compete and play alongside them! We returned to their practice a few days later

to join in with them one more time!

It was our pleasure to be able to host a volleyball clinic one early evening for the

boys and girls club of Maui. The boys and girls club serves many youths on the

island of Maui. It is much more than an after-school club; working hard to provide

a safe space for homework, activities, fun, and building relationships, the Boys

and girls club has a very meaningful impact on youth and community.

The kids were full of energy and eager to learn anything and everything that we

had to share with them. We brought to them some of the most fun games we

have played with different groups in the past and they enjoyed having some fun

with us. It was such a great opportunity to be able to bond with the students and

share our love of volleyball with them. Their participation and enthusiasm is

greatly appreciated!

The Can-west Sports Group volleyball camp ran Friday evening 5-7, Saturday

10-12 and 1-3, and Sunday 10-12 and 1-3. Our camp structure was formulated to

provide a fun and encouraging camp environment that allowed young athletes to

improve in each volleyball skill area.

We had a small group of young athletes attending the camp that allowed time to

focus on individual improvement and we were then able to form great

relationships with those athletes. Their hard work, ability to always give 100%,

and their positive attitude towards trying new things was extremely motivating to


Friday evening began with an introduction to ball control and serving specific

drills to follow. Saturday sessions focused on defensive skills, working on digging

the ball and leading into games in the afternoon that concentrated on using those

specific skills in a game scenario. Sunday the focus was shifted onto offence.

The athletes went through drills that emphasized the use of spike approach and

arm swing to improve their attack. They were also introduced to different blocking

sequences. The afternoon was filled with game play where the athletes were

able to apply everything that they had learned into real game conditions.

The camp was an incredible success, and the enthusiastic participation of the

athletes made the entire experience that much better. We hope to return in the

coming years to be able to run this camp in the future.

Mahalo, to all the people and young athletes we met through this incredible

experience, it would not have been possible without the support and participation

of all of you!

Make sure to keep up with everything Can-west Sports Group is doing for the

rest of the summer and beyond by checking out the webpage and following the

Instagram @canwestsportsgroup to see if there is anything happening near you!

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