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Athletic Performance Index Lloydminster

An exciting athletic performance event in Lloydminster recently brought Can-West

Sports Group to the Hoop Factory facility! We performed athletic testing for a

group of post-secondary student-athletes to evaluate their performance of different


The different tests included spike jump and block jump (which allows us to

calculate vertical jump), 20m dash, L-test, and a pro-agility test.

Athletic performance testing is a great way to reach post-secondary coaches by

gathering information on your skill execution and testing numbers. It is a way to

showcase your strengths and be able to recognize different areas of improvement

in your own skills and abilities.

After testing is completed, each participant receives an evaluation card with their

personal player information as well as the testing results. It can be used to create a

baseline of skills and an understanding of where changes need to be made. This is

a tool that can be sent to post-secondary coaches to provide them with insight into

your athletic performance.

Athletic performance testing is highly recommended for those who are hoping to

continue in their sport beyond high school and become a student-athlete at a post-

secondary institution. Can-West Sports is excited to help you succeed and achieve

your goals along your journey to become a student-athlete.

Continue checking our website for athletic performance index events near you and

feel free to contact us if you are interested in your team receiving this testing


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